The Gateway Project YYC supported by PULSE STUDIOS.

A project that offers mentorship for high school age dancers to help them become employable in the dance industry they choose. To pursue dance or use this program as a gateway to a career.

We helped their goals by developing an icon system, along with a Logo, User Guide, Corporate Identity Items, and social media material for the Alberta Non- Profit The Gateway Project, that matches with their company mission by using a modern – friendly design.

Gateway Logo
ENYAZ Box mock up horizontal.jpg
Enyaz Logo png

Enyaz Logo and Packaging.

A brand that is bringing luxury and the highest quality threads on the market made by Kashmiri artist to Canada.

Keepers of the ancient craft brought to a new generation.

Seed of craftsmanship and character.

Prototyping how products will be showcased into a market is a crucial part of brand and customer interaction.

Along with Natural Momentum, we created a logomark and a superb vehicle for ENYAZ.

Enyaz - Feel the Real

Enyaz Background.jpg

Natural Momentum

Handcrafted Wood Products, Designed for the Joint between Life and Science 

Using sustainably sourced and reclaimed natural wood materials, They create products that are sleek, elegant, and designed for modern living.

Edward Campbell Studio Inc. collaborates to visualize their brand stationery assets and materialize into packaging that could transport Natural Momentum Vision.

The process starts with a 3d Mock-up of a wooden box later detailed finished by Robert Wong founder of Natural Momentum. The objective of the wooden box is to insert brand stationery for reaching clients and make a higher presentation of the abilities that this brand delivers.

Stationery content based on Business Card, Certification Card, Way of Use Instructions, and letterhead are placed inside the box.

The Way of Use Instructions offers a folded look that shares customers in every step how to take care of Natural Momentum products.

Natural Momentum is one of the first Calgarian companies to put trust and share the design passion Edward Campbell Studio Inc. have. We are thrilled to introduce this project to the world.

Natural Momentum Corporate Id web background.jpg
Studio C and G Re-branding

Not all the luxury and style it’s attached to digital treatment.

Studio C and G allowed us to take care of their re-branding by generating a Handmade signature to re-design their brand logomark. Keeping the same joyful concept of their preview logo "Ampi" into a refined signature style visual that represents luxury, being bold and a positive attitude.

Also, with handmade watercolor splatters (a very known technique of Studio C and G Owner - Gabe Wong ) after digitalized for their print and digital use of the brand.

The result shows a bright, colorful, and bold corporate identity that stands out.

Studio C and G Case background.jpg


white background.jpg




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