We strive for effectiveness and the desire to evoke through

visual Communication



We are a Graphic Creative Studio located in Calgary, Alberta. Our Creative path was born on September 25th, 2017, in Calgary. Our design heart and expertise from Panama, where the founder Edward Campbell is born and raised.

We deliver graphics with high standards of quality and conceptual detail. We offer experience through a creative thinking process to enhance the communication of our client's visual assets and brand values.

Our motto is -Evoke- which means bring or recall to the conscious mind. We execute each project with the objective of "Enhance Knowledge," referring to the knowledge that our clients have of their businesses that reflects an impact on the people. Our goal is elevating the power of communication in between their products and the customers.

Edward Campbell Studio Inc. services are digital and printable solutions by developing Concept Boards, Corporate Identities, Logos, Photo-manipulation, Digital Key Visuals, Print Material, Social Media Videos Editing, and 2D Animation.

We believe that everything done with intention is the key to evoke the best results and interaction between human behavior and the visual world that surround us every day.



Concerts / Show campaign promotions by developing press printed material, videos, and 2d animations.

Our creative journey leads us to develop visual content for Panamanian artist's and brands like Latin Fresh, Casa del Cine, Zoombeats, Veranera Films, Under Cover Rain Boots, Nour, Pro-Activa Panama, and many other companies.

They believed in our artistic vision allowing us to create beautiful projects.

With experience in the Advertising industry, we developed visuals for brands like Cerebro Y&R, CR8 Advertising, and J. Walter Thompson-Panama.

EDWARD CAMPBELL STUDIO INC. A new Canadian company born in September 2017, based in Calgary, Alberta.

Supplying design/creative services for local Calgarian artists, events and brands like Studio C and G Inc. Digital Agency, Natural Momentum, Pulse Studios, Dedicated Empire Apparel, Last Standing Clothing Co, Infinite Elements, The Cypher YYC, Mangia YYC and more.





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